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Frequently Asked Questions

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Popular Twitch Emotes


PogChamp / KomodoHype

Expressing surprise, shock, hype, excitement.


Expressing sarcasm, insincerity, unbelieving.


Expressing pure boredom. Can be considered a rude emote. Comes from a streamer who had fallen asleep while playing a Resident Evil game.


Expresses pure laughter. Comes from an internet sensation known as "El Risitas".
Pepega pepeHands monkaS

Pepe The Frog - (eg. Pepega, PepeHands, monkaS, monkaW etc)

Uses the character Pepe The Frog from a comic series called "Boy's Club" in order to express various emotions. Pepega is used to express stupidity. PepeHands to express sadness. monkaS is used to express nervousness, monkaW is used to express shock.

Twitch Terms

Sub / Subs

Short-form for subscription, which is where anybody can subscribe (monthly payment, not free) to a streamer and gain access to: exclusive emotes, sub-only chatting mode, and more.

Lurk / Lurking

The act of leaving the streamer's video playing and turning the audio off, therefore giving the streamer 1 view counted towards the total current views.

Simp / Simping

New term to describe people who are enamored / obsessed with a particular streamer. There is no sexual or romantic connotation, but simply describes someone as being a really big fan of a content creator.

Mald / Malding

Describes when someone is so mad, they are balding. Mad + Balding = Malding.

Raid / Raiding

The best way for streamers to meet others is by "raiding" another streamer. This is an action that can only be performed when a streamer is live. When a streamer raids another streamer, the Twitch platform redirects everybody to the new streamer's URL which essentially "brings" everybody to that streamers page. The platform then notifies the raided streamer of the raid. Raids then become hosted on the raiding streamer's channel.

Host / Hosting

The best way for streamers to let people know about other streamers while they are offline. If people visit a streamer's page that is hosting someone, you will see someone else's streamer being played.


Refers to something being of horrible quality or broken.


A clip is a video segment that can be cut out of the main stream and has a maximum length of 60 seconds. Clips can be used to share your favorite/funniest moments for streamers you watch. You can also clip your own stream while streaming. Note: Clips are content which means they are also under DMCA rules.

VOD / Highlight

Video on Demand (VOD) is a video of your entire stream session and can be automatically saved if you turn on the setting in your Twitch Creator Dashboard settings. VODs will expire and be deleted after 14 days for everybody who is an Affiliate and below. A highlight is a sub-video of the entire VOD and is longer than a clip (60s). Highlights are helper for sharing/saving longer durations of content that don't fit inside clips.

Third Party Sites

FrankerFaceZ (FFZ)

The best third-party add-on to the Twitch Platform. There are two things that FFZ do: The first is allow you install 25 free emotes to your channel for everybody to use, without subscription. The second is an insanely customizable add-on for all things on the website; font size/family, colors, in-line commands, and more. The browser add-on also has an amazing Audio Compressor for your stream video player giving you better audio quality. No need affiliate status on your Twitch account and you can use your Twitch account to login and connect it to your chat to allow everybody to use the emotes that you choose. Download here

BetterTTV (BTTV)

Another website similar to FFZ but this one allows you to upload and display GIF (animated pictures) emotes on your channel. Allows you to upload 15 emotes and add 15 public emotes to your channel for free. Note: The FFZ browser add-on supports BTTV emotes out-of-the-box. You can use your Twitch account to login and connect it to your chat to allow everybody to use the emotes that you choose. Website is here

Got Any Questions?

Q: How do I enable VODs on Twitch?

A: Click on your Twitch profile picture in the top-right. Then click on "Creator Dashboard". From there, click on the hamburger menu in the top left and select "Preferences". Then click on "Channel". From here, click on and activate the checkbox for "Store past broadcasts" which is under the "Stream Key & Preferences" section

Q: How do I link my Twitch in my Discord?

A: Open "User Settings" and go to the "Connection" tab. Select the "Twitch" icon and connect an account with Discord. Turn on the "Display on Profile" option

Ada pertanyaan?

Q: Nah terus gimana cara nyalain VOD yang kalian minta itu ?

A: Simpel lah, cek kanan atas, klik profile picture Twitch lo. Trus klik "Creator Dashboard". Dari sana, klik menu hamburger di atas kiri lalu pilih "Preferences". Tinggal klik "Channel". Di page itu, klik dan nyalain tuh tombol "Store past broadcast".

Q: Aduh banyak ya, Ini Discord + Twitch gimana caranya?

A: Ohooo jelas, mau serius join apa enggak? Buka "User Settings" trus buka di bagian "Connection". Pilih ikon "Twitch" trus konekin deh. Jangan lupa nyalain opsi "Display on Profile"