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Welcome to Twitch Indonesia Community (TIC)

TIC is a safe, friendly, Volunteer-led community.

Volunteer Community

Founded June 1st 2019, the Twitch Indonesia Community (TIC) is a volunteer-led and operated community group for Indonesians around the globe. We are not associated nor work with the Twitch division of Amazon in any way; our focus is specifically for Indonesians on the Platform. TIC aims to bring together Indonesians (not just streamers) that use the platform by providing a fun, friendly, non-toxic community for our members. Our community operates via our Discord server, on our member's Twitch channels, always-exciting online events, or our IRL meet-ups.

Benefits & Support

TIC provides an extremely wide range of benefits;

  • We have community resource-sharing for streamers as well as Technical and General support for streamers
  • We provide a safe space for women
  • We offer a mental health support group
  • We provide an excellent means for volunteer work
  • We’re always up-to-date on anything Twitch related

Partnerships & Charity

TIC is open to partnerships that can help grow and expand awareness of Indonesians on Twitch. See our Partnerships page for more information. We also love charity events, with contributions made to the following foundations:

  • Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia
  • GouFeed Dog Shelter
  • and more!

Latest Announcements

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