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About The Community

Komunitas Twitch Indonesia didirikan pada tanggal 1 Juni 2019, dengan tujuan untuk mempertemukan para streamer yang berasal dari Indonesia dengan viewer Indonesia dan memperkenalkan platform Twitch agar lebih dikenal di Indonesia.

Twitch Indonesia Community was founded on June 1st 2019, with the purpose of bringing streamers and viewers from all over Indonesia together to introduce and spread awareness of the Twitch streaming platform to our country.

Komunitas Twitch Indonesia juga berfokus pada membangun dan menolong para streamer Indonesia untuk bisa berkembang, dikarenakan viewer Twitch yang berada di Indonesia sendiri sangat banyak tetapi mereka tidak menyadari di Twitch sendiri memiliki banyak streamer dari Indonesia.

Twitch Indonesia Community aims to build and help Indonesian streamers, whether upcoming, new, or experienced. We also focus on building, maintaining and expanding our group within the Twitch platform by streaming, playing, and socializing together. Most importantly, however, is we like to have fun.

What We Do

Community Event

Ada acara bulanan dari Komunitas Twitch Indonesia untuk mempererat hubungan para streamer yang ada di Komunitas Twitch Indonesia.

Every month we hold an online event in the Twitch Indonesia Community to help create, strengthen and expand our members' interpersonal relationships.

Streamer Support

Kami menyediakan beberapa support untuk para streamer ketika mereka memiliki kesulitan dalam menjalankan streaming.

We provide technical, social, and emotional support for our community members whether you are a current streamer, upcoming streamer, or just interested in how streaming works. Our long-term streamers and veteran community members are always there to help.


Komunitas Twitch Indonesia beberapa kali mengadakan acara meet-up gathering untuk mempererat hubungan di dalam komunitas

Twitch Indonesia Community organizes In Real Life (IRL) meet-ups / events such as Board Games, Mini-golf, and ngopi sessions to further help create, strengthen and expand our members' interpersonal relationships.